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“Beau and his staff are truly amazing. He walked my wife and me through every step of the mortgage process. He really listened to us and took time to answer all our questions. He was always available to us and literally worked night and day for us. I would highly recommend Beau to anyone purchasing a home. Truly amazing!”

– Don Harbuck from Columbus, GA | via Zillow

“I had to find a lender very quickly and was referred to Beau, by my realtor. Within one day, he was ale to tell me the amount of money my husband and I were eligible for. He answered all my questions and was very competent in his job. Since we are not from Georgia, we had to make arrangements only one day prior, to come and see him when we found the house and put an offer on it. He was able to drive to another county and offer advice on our monthly mortgage payments, while we were contemplating four different homes. He also completed our mortgage papers within three weeks, start to finish. I would recommend him to anyone.”

– Jaimie Ninan from Hamilton, GA | via Zillow

“My wife and I were referred to Beau at Primary Mortgage via our real estate agent and we were not let down. My prior experience with lenders have been over the phone, which always led to a lot more phone calls, mishaps, and misinformation. Beau made time to meet face to face, broke down all my options and set clear expectations on what to expect in the process. I highly recommend going with Beau and his team. By far, they took a stressful part of the home buying process out of the equation for us, making our home purchase that much more special.”

– bernardstowe from Cataula, GA | via Zillow

“Beau Parker and his staff were very great in helping my family with our mortgage. He explained every detail that we needed to know and understand. He was very personable and treated our loan process like it was his own. He was very passionate and concerned about each hurdle that we had to cross ensuring us that we will get it done. No matter how long or whatever it took to get it accomplished. Everyone there was extremely nice and caring. And as for me, not very educated on something like this, Beau went over and beyond to make me not so anxious. I was not worried a bit. I would definitely recommend everyone that I know or come across to Beau Parker. He was Amazing!”

– clearviewbbq from Columbus, GA | via Zillow


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